698 Artists

Since its founding in 1990, Theatre Unbound has hired 698 women theatre artists in all disciplines both on and off stage

Creating New Works

Theatre Unbound regularly works with women playwrights to premier or create new works, whether at our annual 24:00 Extreme Smackdown, a Girl Shorts Festival,  or one of our mainstage shows

Collaborative Decision Making

Our company of women theatre artists work together to make programming decisions


Theatre Unbound delivers thought-provoking live theatre conceived and created by women, providing audiences with engaging, rarely-seen perspectives on issues that are relevant and universal.


Theatre Unbound will be a nationally-recognized source of challenging opportunities for women theatre artists, creating a broader range of stories and stimulating communities to change the way they view gender roles in society.


  • Produce theatre that is meaningful, beautiful, and entertaining.

  • Create and sustain a working environment that is collaborative, supportive and fair-minded.

  • Inform ourselves and others of the contributions of women theatre artists past and present.