10th Annual 24-Hour Play Project

January 8, 2011

More than 40 actors, directors and playwrights perform feats of indescribable proportion, as 6 new, short plays are written, rehearsed, and propelled onto the stage. The catch? They only have 24 hours to do it!

“Prominent local artists walk the tightrope of on-the-spot creation” – City Pages

We invite the general public to vote among ingredients such as a line of dialog, an emotion, a prop, or a stage direction. On Friday evening at 9:00 pm, we reveal the winning ingredients to six teams of two playwrights, who must include all the ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 on Saturday morning, the newly written plays are assigned directors, a cast, and rehearsal time. Rehearsals are conducted throughout the day – technical rehearsals skid to a halt just in time for the doors to open. 

The Water’s Fine

Written by Nichole Carey, Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Directed by Alexandra Gould
Featuring Muriel Bonertz, Kira Pontiff, Renee Werbowski

Hunt for the Hamster

Written by Anne Bertram, Megan L. Lembke
Directed by Michelle Lutz
Featuring Megan Engeseth, Kari Kelly

Cattle Call

Written by Lana Aylesworth, Kaira Hogle
Directed by Crystal Schneider
Featuring Virginia Krubsack, Tyler D. Martin, David Schlosser, Laura Wiebers

Action Over Words

Written by Michael Hentges, Heather Meyer
Directed by Emily Susan Ivy Sjostrom
Featuring Kari Elizbeth Kjeldseth, Nathan Gebhard

The Last Plane Out of Asgard or Twilight of the Gods, Part II

Written by Varlerie Borey, Annette Kavanaugh
Directed by Katherine Monberg
Featuring Heidi Berg, Bre’Elle Erickson, Angela Skinner, Katie Starks

Loon Lake: A Minnesota Ballet

Written by Michelle Storm, Ruth Virkus
Directed by Rebecca Rizzio
Featuring Shalee Coleman, Delta Rae Giordano, Joey Metzger

The Game Show

Written by Ben Egerman, Katherine Glover
Directed by Kristin Kenning
Featuring Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Mame Pelletier, Victoria Pyan

Creative Team

Hamline House Manager: Ryan Volna
TU House Manager: Shannon Buchda
Box Office Manager: Heather C. Brady
Stage Manager: Natalie Wilson
Backstage Manager: Jeni Long
Backstage Crew: Emily Arachtingi, Libby Stone
Light Board: Amanda Loth
Sound Board: A. J. Rivera