2nd Annual 24 Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala

March 8, 2003

Food, drink, silent auction, music by Jennifer J. Holt, and six new short plays featuring women theatre artists written, rehearsed and staged within a twenty-four hour period. Go!!

The Plays:

You Are the TRUE LORD of the DANCE no matter what those idiots at work Say

Written by Cherie Anderson and JF Bueche
Directed by Andrea McAvey
Featuring Peg Flaherty, Katherine Larsen, Emily Kollars, Alia Mortensen, Colleen Buckman, Cori White

Tess’s Lament

Written by Betty Liedtke and Eli Jean Weintraub
Directed by Ellen Fenster
Featuring Doree Dutoit, Delta Rae Giordano, Tyler Martin

The Promotion

Written by Connie Ross
Directed by Bobbi McCrea
Featuring Emily Kollars, Rick Logan, Laurie Pogue, Amy Salloway, Cori White, Rebecca Yoho

Peace and Freedom (Bright Green Silo)

Written by Jennifer Paige and Anne Bertram
Directed by Sarah Gioia
Featuring Tina Miller, Laura Wiebers

I Humbly Apologize for my Leader. Everything He Says and Does is an Embarrassment to us All

Written by Carol Critchley and Matthew A. Everett
Directed by Kristin Richardson
Featuring Cherie Anderson, Connie Dussl, Peg Flaherty, Matt Gaffney, Tyler Martin, Alia Mortensen, Stacey Poirier, Amy Zimmerman

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Written by Laurel Osterkamp and Stacey Poirier
Directed by Ahna Brandvik
Featuring Ahna Brandvik, Heather Bray, Edward Linder, Heather Stone