2nd Annual Directors' Gym

March 12-14, 2004

Seven directors. Ten minutes. No dialogue.

The Directors’ Gym is a venue for experimentation and creativity and an opportunity to expand the pool of women directors in the Twin Cities. This year’s theme: Movement and Sound. Each director created a ten-minute piece with a pre-determined subject – and no dialogue.

This activity was made possible, in part, by funds provided by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council from an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature.

Splintered Tongues

Director: Shá Cage
Performers: Stefani Levi, Aneka McMullen, Kisha Richburg

Figure/Oil on Canvas

Director: Lindsay Goss
Performers: Heather C. Brady, Adam Kipiniak, Janet Skidmore Fiddler: Jake Hyer

Rising from the Wreck (a work in progress)

Director: Dana Buchwald
Performers: Haley Chamberlain, Jennifer Lynn Klobassa, Heather Stone

An Autumnal Fable

Director: Kelly McGowan
Performers: David R. Lind, Marcia Tiffany, Helen Chorolec

Happily Ever After

Director: Zhauna Franks
in collaboration with sound designer Steve Carlino
Performers: Stephanie Karr Smith, Heather Cadigan, Jennifer Hart, Joy Langer, Laurie White


Director: Erin Lavelle Lundeen
Performers: Anna Safar, Sadie Hermione Bowman

All the Little Salesgirls Go to the Movies

Director: Lindsay Hockaday
Performers: Janet Casson, Stephanie Lein Walseth, Dan Sola, Shawn Kaiser, Dan Luedtke

Creative Team

Stage Manager: Phyllis Morgan 

Light Board Operator: Reed Halvorson 

Shifters: Shannon Jacobson, Amy Anderson