365 Plays in 365 Days

by Suzan-Lori Parks

May 12, 2007

Theatre Unbound and The 365 National Festival Present 

365 Days/365 Plays
by Suzan-Lori Parks

Bonnie Metzgar and Suzan-Lori Parks, Producers 

Enjoy a “progressive dinner” style romp through the wild world of Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan-Lori Parks, where each room holds something completely new and wonderful. A new play starts every 10 minutes. See one or two or stay for them all!

The 365 National Festival:

Hundreds of theaters have joined a grassroots premiere of the plays in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Colorado, Greater Texas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, Northeast, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Southeast, Universities (365U), Washington DC Area and Western US. And the Festival is growing every day. To join go to Produced by Bonnie Metzgar and Suzan-Lori Parks.

Room 361:
They Were So Sure in Chicago

The Writer Turns 40
Directed by: Gretchen Weinrich
Featuring: Bethany Hummel, Brenna Jones, Justin S. Latt, Stephen Moeller, Lacey Piotter, Gretchen Weinrich

Room 362:
A Flip-Off Flip Book

Since You’ve Been Gone Meets Irresistable
Directed by: Jeannine Coulombe
Featuring: Heather C. Brady, Samantha Dean, Angela Skinner

Room 370:
The Art of Peace

(Again) Landslide
Directed by: Natalie Novacek
Featuring: Anne Bertram, Emma Gochberg, Laurie Padgett, Ariel Pinkerton, Noë Tallen

Room 401:
Everybody’s Got An Aunt Jemimah

Directed by: Cherie Anderson
Featuring: Megan Lee-Erickson, Sandy’Ci Moua, Erin Sheppard

Room 401:
You Can See The Hollywood Sign From Here

Directed by: Stacey Poirier
Featuring: Heidi Berg, Scott Bryant, Kia Erdmann-Hammill, Brian Hesser, Kristin Kuchler, Katherine Larsen, James Rone, Megan Lee-Erickson, Angela Marsh, Sandy’Ci Moua, Christopher O. Kidder

Room 495:
Playing Chopsticks (Father Comes Home From The Wars, Part 7)

Directed by: Laura Leffler-McCabe
Featuring: Eric F. Avery, Anna Lawrence

4th Floor Hallway:
Action In Inaction

Directed by: Heather C. Brady
Featuring: Susana Gluck, Alexandra Gould, Tyler D. Martin