3rd Annual 24 Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala

January 31, 2004

The concept is simple: create and perform new works of theater in the space of a single day. The project is an exhilarating and collaborative performance experience in which several 10-minute vignettes are written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours. Theatre Unbound was the first company to bring the 24-Hour Play concept to the Twin Cities.

Act of Faith

Written by David Lind and Carol Critchley
Featuring Angela Skinner, Amy L. Chen, Muriel J. Bonertz and Renee Werbowski

Across the Hall

Written by May Mahala, Allison Moore and Stacey Parshall
Featuring Heidi Berg, Peter Wagenius, Amy Salloway and Corissa White

What You Deserve: a thesis on cruelty

Written by Cherie Anderson and Anne Bertram
Featuring Rebecca M. Yoho and May Mahala

The Birthday Cake

Written by Jeannine Coulombe and Victoria Stewart
Featuring Laura Wiebers, Gail Fraser, Kristen Shea and Scott Bryant

Janitor for the Prosecution: a courtroom drama

Written by Toni Halleen and Laurel Osterkamp
Featuring Kristin Richardson, Heather Stone, Jaime Kleiman, Stacey Poirier and Randy Schmelling

The Vengeance Exam

Written by Buirge Jones and Eli Jean Weintraub
Featuring Kia Erdman, Scott Bryant, Renee Werbowski, Corissa White and Amy Salloway