3rd Annual Directors' Gym: Women in Shakespeare

May 14-21, 2005

Eight directors, 10 minutes, one Bard.

The Directors’ Gym is a unique program giving women directors a venue for experimentation and creativity. It’s also an opportunity for audience members to understand and appreciate the director’s role in theatre. This year the seven participating directors drew at random three of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Their assignment was to use any combination of these three sonnets to create a ten minute scene on a theme of their choosing.

This activity was made possible in part by funds provided by the Minnesota Regional Arts Council through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature.

For Artemisia

Director: Kari Kelly
Performers: Amber Bjork, David Utter, Noë McKenna

Time’s Furrows

Director: Tammy Shanley
Performers: Christina Sedlacek, Alia Mortensen

primer amor

Director: Jody Blindauer
Performers: Channing Jones, Mary Karcz, Katherine Kupiecki, Colleen Mylott

A Double-Edged Sword

Director: Katherine Cattrysse
Performers: Amber Rose Smith, Corey deDanann, Debbie Van Tassel, Christian Finch, Brian Hesser, Todd O’Dowd


Director: Virginia Krubsack
Performers: Erin Appel, Drew Hammond, Katherine Wodele

Sin & Tonic

Director: Maggie Bearmon Pistner
Performers: Alia Mortensen, Katie Guentzel

Common Bondage

Director: Anneliese Stuht
Performers: Stephanie Cordell, Erin Denman, Lina Wiksten

Creative Team

Stage Manager: Jeni Long
Light Board Operator: Angela Sylvester
Shifters: Joey Metzger, Sue Morrison