4th Annual Director's Gym: Folktales with a Fresh Perspective

February 29 - March 1, 2008

Who you calling wicked? Eight emerging Twin Cities directors bring us unique and creative new ways to look at traditional folktales from across the globe.

Delgadina’s Story

Directed by Jenna Papke
Featuring Allison Witham, Andria Schumann, Johanna Gorman-Baer

Strength: a moving tableau vivant pas de deux

Written & Directed by Brenda Bell Brown
Featuring Malik Brown, Joseph Wright, Brenda Bell Brown, Regina Rogers, Bobby Forest, Nicole Kipper, Samone Kipper
Voice of Mother/French Language translator & coach: Naima Brown

Tia Miseria: The Pears are Always Sweeter on the Other Side of the Fence

Directed by Heather Meyer
Featuring Amanda Hoffman-Frethem, Brooke Nelson, Matt Franta

Lady of the Moon

Directed by Kristin Kenning
Featuring Kristin Kuchler, Tiffanie Kilgast, Stephanie Young, Scotty Horey, Dan Peltzman

Grandmother Spider Brings the Light

Directed by Cheryl Willis
Featuring Donathin Frye, Stephanie Gertken, Tiffany Givens, Amanda G. Memoll, Anne Zander

The Ruby: A Practical Guide to Human Gemstones

Directed by Anika Taylor
Featuring Stephanie Gertken, Melissa Rutman, Nicole Goeden, Jesse Dorst, Dan Peltzman

The Barking Mouse – Who Learned to Count

Directed by Dionne Laviolette
Featuring Mandy Morgan, Lauren Briggeman, Christian Cooper, Josh Vogen, Rachael Schlee, Solveig Harriday, Jonathan Ziese, Ceara Madson

The King’s Child

by Judith Black
Adapted by Toni Halleen
Music written & performed by Anna Carol
Directed by Rebecca Rizzio
Featuring: Anna Carol, Kristen K. Brown, Rachel Gerber Cole, Craig R. Anderson, Caitlin Hammel

This production was made possible in part by a grant from Target Stores.

Creative Team

Stage Manager: Orit Ackerman
Backstage Manager: Jeni Long
Run Crew: Anne Bertram, Rebecca Rizzio
Board Operators: Julia Carlis, Jenna Lory
Graphic Design: Edward Linder
Program Design: Shannon Buchda
Music by Colleen Buckman, Jennifer J. Holt & Mary Klueh