9th Annual 24 Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala

Hosted by Stacey Poirier and Laura Wiebers

March 6, 2010

The 24-Hour Play Project and Benefit Gala continues Theatre Unbound’s mission of providing opportunities to women artists. Playwrights, directors, and actors take on the challenge of writing, rehearsing and propelling new work onto the stage in just 24 hours! The Gala includes a silent auction and complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

In memory of our friend and 24-Hour Play-mate Mikael Rudolph.

Yes to Estro Yes

Written by Ruth Virkus and Valerie Borey
Directed by Cheryl Moore Brinkley
Featuring Victoria Pyan, Dena Rysdam Miller, Rebecca Gebhart, Virginia Krubsack and Chenea Love Green

Want Ad

Written by Lana Hubbard and Kaira Hogle
Directed by Mahi Palanisami
Featuring Mickey Foley, Katie Starks and Brigid Kelley

Prom in Pilgrim Times or The Tale of Two Squash Blossoms

Written by Rhiana Yazzie and Michelle Storm
Directed by Rebecca Gaguine
Featuring Lacey Piotter, Kelly Krekelberg and John T. Zeiler

Roadkill, or At the Crossroads

Written by Brenda Bell Brown and Annette Kavanaugh
Directed by Miriam Monasch
Featuring Kristin Foster and Megan Engeseth

The Horse in Flight: A Reflection

Written by Ben Egerman and Heather Meyer
Directed by Laura Leffler-McCabe
Featuring Paul McGuire, Tyler Stamm and Tyler D. Martin

It’s What We Do

Written by Ahna Logan and Cynthia Uhrich
Directed by Jennifer Tuder
Featuring Carin Leonard-Gorrill, Roneet Aliza Rahamim, David Schlosser and Mame Pelletier

Creative Team

House Manager: Shannon Buchda
Stage Manager: Natalie Wilson
Backstage Manager: Sheena Thompson
Crew: Emily Arachtingi, Steve Carlander
Board Operator: Brittany Eastburn
Graphic Design: Justin Gallo
Photographer: Joy Lengyel