Little Black Dress Ink! Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival

March 8, 2017

SteppingStone Theatre, St. Paul MN

One Night Only – Free and Open to the Public

The ONSTAGE Festival is a unique international script contest for female playwrights, in which the writers themselves serve as judges. The theme for this year’s competition was HOT MESS. Come see a reading of contest semi-finalists – fantastic “hot messes” including microbe romance, the fruit salad of shame, random acts of kindness at a bodega, and a visit from a legendary serial killer.

Take Me by Esther Marcella Hoffmann

Even Educated Fleas Do It by Karen Loseff Lothan

Interview With An Old Bitch by Susan C. Forrest

The Fruit Salad of Shame by Ellen Davis Sullivan

Bodega Pricing by Reina Hardy

Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory by Anne Flanagan