Best of the 24 Hour Plays

August 3, 2006

The best of five – five years of the 24-Hour Play Project, that is. The most brilliant, daring, heart-warming, outrageous scripts featuring women theatre artists ever written between nine PM and 5 AM.

The Monologue

Written by Anne Bertram
Directed by Heather C. Brady
Featuring Stacey Poirier

Tess’s Lament

Written by Betty Liedtke and Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Directed by Wendy Resch Novak
Featuring Michelle Cassioppi, Maggie Bearmon Pistner, Dwight Gunderson

The Birthday Cake

Written by Jeannine Coulombe and Victoria Stewart
Directed by Delta Rae Giordano
Featuring Laura Wiebers, Tammy Shanley, Angela Skinner, Dwight Gunderson

Church Bus

Written by Brenda Bell Brown and Toni Halleen
Directed by Gretchen Weinrich
Featuring Sarah Wojciechowski-Prill, Chenea Love Green

Star Wars 3.5: The Empire Strikes Out

Written by Edward Linder and Stacey Poirier
Directed by Katherine Cattrysse
Featuring Trudy Monette, Dewey Cornwell, Tammy Shanley, Mary Karcz, Shannon Buchda, Stacey Poirier

Creative Team

Stage Manager: Renée Petersen Set/Props: Noë Tallen, Tammy Shanley and cast Costumes: Shannon Buchda, Stacey Poirier and cast Sound: Edward Linder Graphic Design: Kirstin Hangsleben