First Annual Directors' Gym

May 15-17, 2003

16 scripted lines. 15 minute scenes. 8 female directors get a workout.

The Plays:

Cirque du Sheboygan
Director: Carol Critchley
Performers: Megan Rowe, Molly Donovan, Katherine Kupiecki

Vivification: The Donnybrook Shuffle

Director: Amanda Desubijana
Performers: Dominique Davis, Sarah Chamberlain, Amber Rose Smith, Jamie Davis, Mike Lubitz, Jamison Russell

Who’s Barefoot Disaster

Director: Elary Allen
Performers: Heidi Berg, Patrick Bailey, Katherine Kupiecki, Scott Bryant, Cate Doutré


Director: marie-françoise theodore
Performers: May Mahala, Bianca Pettis, Trudy Monette

The Magic Pill

Director: Lori M. Neal
Performers: Jane Davich, Summer Hagen

A Lost Opportunity to Say Goodbye

Director: Peg Flaherty
Performers: Virginia Haggart, M. Scott Taulman


Director: Kristin Richardson
Performers: Amy Chen, Alia Mortensen

Cinderella and Wonder Woman Walk Into A Bar…

Director: Cherie Anderson
Performers: Stacey Poirier, Amy McGarness, Daniel V. Sola, Mae Violet