Girl Shorts

February 22 - March 2, 2014

A one-act play festival, including rarely seen works by Wendy Wasserstein, Leslie Ayvazian, and others. Also featuring the local talent of Mad Munchkin Productions and Freshwater Theater.

Set A

Ferris Wheel

Presented by Theatre Unbound
Written by Mary Miller
Directed by Noë Tallen
Featuring Muriel Bonertz and Patrick Kozicky

The unlikely love story of two lonely people, forced to ride together on an old country Ferris wheel. She’s afraid of heights. He’s afraid to quit smoking. They are both afraid of each other. Heideman award finalist, Actors Theatre of Louisville.


Presented by Theatre Unbound
Written by Ellen Byron
Directed by Emily Gill
Featuring Sulia Altenberg and Noë Tallen

Critically hailed in its production by the Actors Theatre of Louisville, as part of the ’83 Shorts Festival, this very funny and ultimately touching play deals with the rivalry of two Elvis Presley fans to be the first to enter their fallen idol’s lavish estate. “As the two women discuss the depth of their devotion to Elvis, they slowly reveal the sad and funny sides of their lives. By the end of the play, their competition has dissolved into a touching reconciliation.”  – Philadelphia Courier-Post

Set B


Presented by K&M Productions
Created and performed by Kari Kelly and Molly Zupon

Triumphant, terrifying, touching (yes, we might touch ourselves) tales of boobs. Our boobs. Our big boobs. An abridged version of the 2009 MN Fringe Festival production including riffs, song fragments, and spoken-word segments celebrating … and cursing the breasticular area. “Light, funny girl talk, transparently half-baked for certain stretches, but also with a sense of long-needed unburdening regarding their sweater puppies. Hey, they said it.” – City Pages

Lives of the Great Waitresses

Presented by Theatre Unbound
Written by Nina Shengold
Directed by Emilia Allen
Featuring Sue Gerver, Kayla Hambek, Fawn Wilderson-Legros and Emily Wrolson

Four waitresses, each with her own brand of zen, share the secrets of being one of the greats. Heideman award finalist, Actors Theatre of Louisville. “Honest, poignant and insightful … Sweet and satisfying as pie a la mode with a cuppa joe.” – Vancouver Courier

Sunday in the Park with Carla

Presented by Freshwater Theater
Written by Amanda Petefish-Schrag
Directed by Rachel Flynn
Featuring Mame Pelletier and Anissa Siobhan Brazill

An eager therapist, a clown wig, a park bench, and some John Phillip Sousa marches. They may not be enough to heal a heavy heart, but they could at least lighten the load for a bit. 

Set C

Monster Bloodbath

Presented by Mad Munchkin Productions

An original work, written and composed by Jen Rand
Inspired by a work by Derek Sandbeck and Ben Roesler
Live Action directed by Jen Rand
Shadow Puppetry directed by Laura Wilhelm
Fight Choreography by Meredith Larson
Featuring Meredith Larson, Marc Berg, Rhiannon Fisk, Aaron Radatz, and Josh Vogen

What do you get when a little girl is forced to take matters into her own hands after her disbelieving family ignores her desperate tales of creatures lurking beneath her bed? Why Monster Bloodbath, of course! This new piece features shadow puppets, fight choreography set to music, and plenty of mayhem!

Tender Offer

Presented by Theatre Unbound
Written by Wendy Wasserstein
Directed by Meggie Greivell
Featuring Bruce Abas and Abby Hawkinson

Lisa is waiting for her father to pick her up from a dance recital – which he missed. When he arrives, late, there is stalling and pouting and arguing and finally a really good heart to heart. Can they create a closer relationship?

Deaf Day

Presented by Theatre Unbound
Written by Leslie Ayvazian
Directed by Nicole Wilder
Featuring Julie Phillips

A young deaf mother encourages her deaf son to interact with hearing children by creating a practice day at a local park. On the surface, this may seem harmless enough. However, it opens up questions of identify and acceptance, not only for her son, but for the mother herself. What does it mean to fit in? What is gained, and what is lost?

Creative Team

Producer: Stacey Poirier
Production Stage Manager: Sadie Ward
Lighting Design: Brittany Pooladian
Sound Design: Anita Kelling
Box Office Manager: Anne Bertram
Volunteer Coordinator: Kari Kelly
Web Guru: Laura Wiebers
Social Media: Crystal G. Schneider
Videography: TMJ Productions
Graphic Design: Greg Vanselow
Audio Description: Laura Wiebers
ASL Interpretation: Carly Fischbeck