Girl Shorts 2015

March 7-15, 2015

A festival of one-act plays and short films by women, about women. Featuring Table Salt Productions, 20% Theatre Company, Gadfly Theatre Productions, Raw Sugar and more.


The Illuminati in Drama Libre

Presented by Theatre Unbound

Written by Alice Gerstenberg

Directed by Dionne Laviolette

Featuring Lauren Diesch and Kelly Krekelberg

Two Futurist characters struggle for power in a mysterious, intimate language composed of hints and half-sentences. Colors serve as weapons and light bulbs can end relationships in Gerstenberg’s satirical, yet weirdly recognizable world.


Presented by 20% Theatre Company

Written by Seraphina Nova

Directed by Meghan Gunderson

Featuring Libby Anderson and Cameron Cylkowski

Angie lives in the same small town, works the same restaurant job that she had in high school, and is supported and trapped by Cal, her high school boyfriend. Will Angie find the strength to leave everything she knows behind to venture out and begin a new life – the life she has always wanted?

QUEER! Girlz

Presented by Gadfly Theatre Productions

Directed by Jessi Hiemer

Featuring BethAnne Nelson, Alyssa Perau and Jada Simmons

QUEER! Girlz is a devised work inspired by Gadfly’s hit show “QUEER!” examining the intersection of queer and female discrimination. Hard-hitting and humorous, the performance chronicles stories and identities all over the LGBTQIA* spectrum.



Presented by Theatre Unbound

Written by Sally Nemeth

Directed by Shelli Place

Featuring Sulia Altenberg and Anna Lakin

Through rhythmic song and lyrical flashes of memory, two immigrant sisters reconstruct a secret that haunts their small mid-western town.


Presented by Theatre Unbound

A devised work by Heather C. Brady and Anne Bertram

Featuring Heidi Berg, Audrey Callerstrom and Alexandra Gould

In a world where emotional limitations can become physical barriers, a woman is transformed by the people she meets.

Shades of Ginger

Presented by Table Salt Productions

Written and performed by Rachael Brogan Flanery

Music and lyrics by Jim Robinson and Dennis Curley

Directed by Anne Byrd

Fallen country super star Ginger puts on her brightest lipstick and tightest pants as she tries to dig out from under an internet scandal. Will a come back interview put her back on top? Anyone who has ever spent a moment or two in Ginger’s whiskey soaked shoes will be rooting for her.



Presented by Theatre Unbound

Written by Wendy Wasserstein

Directed by Stacey Poirier

Featuring Renee Werbowski

She’s an aerobics instructor, novelist, electrician, appliance store entrepreneur, wife, mother and one-woman film producer – a humorous and exhaustive take on “having it all.”


Presented by Theatre Unbound presents

Written by Hortense Flexner

Directed by Mel Day

Featuring Shana Berg and Cynthia Hornbeck

Amid the ruins of Domremy, can the lingering spirit of Jeanne D’Arc rally the women of France to put an end to the war?

Perception is Reality

Presented by Erin Sheppard Presents

Featuring Rhett Romsaas, Jessica Schilling and Erin Sheppard

Erin Sheppard Presents is a dance theatre company that specializes in storytelling through dance and movement. Most recently they were part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival with Dance with the Devil and the MN Fringe Festival with Everyday Hustle. They strive to make dance performance accessible and entertaining.


Presented by Raw Sugar

Created by Jenny Moeller and Rebekah Rentzel

Featuring Sulia Altenberg, Constance Brevell, Michelle Casali, Danielle Krivinchuk and Sarah Parker

It is the day of the competition. A small band of un-athletic girls from the city’s summer youth program all have their own reasons for being there. But stress is weighing on the team of 11-year-olds and tensions rise as they dream of glory – to win this year’s Summer Synchronized Swim Meet!


Smackdown: An Extreme Documentary (TMJ Productions)

Diem (Amber Johnson)

A New Atlas (PaperCuts Productions)

Looking Past You (Thomas/Kramer Production)

Letters from Grandma (Capra Creations Productions)

Deposit Box (Girls Aren’t Funny Productions)

I Am From (Reel Nomad Productions)

Creative Team:

Producer: Stacey Poirier

Production Stage Manager: April Lawson

Lighting Design: Barry Nelson

Sound Design: Veronica Strain

Box Office Manager: Anne Bertram

Volunteer Coordinator: Charla Bailey

Web Guru: Laura Wiebers

Photography: Scott Pakudaitis

Videography: TMJ Productions

Graphic Design: Greg Vanselow

Printing: Ivey Arts Copy & Print