Iphigenia and Other Daughters

Directed by Amber Bjork

by Ellen McLaughlin

February 23 - March 10, 2019

Gremlin Theatre, St Paul MN

The women of Greek tragedy speak out: Clytemnestra, who kills her husband for using her favorite daughter, Iphigenia, as a human sacrifice. Iphigenia, who was killed so that the gods would make the wind blow. Electra, who is determined to avenge her father’s murder. Chrysothemis, nobody’s favorite, who somehow keeps everything going. McLaughlin is well-known for her adaptation of Greek drama, including The Trojan Women and Ajax in Iraq. Directed by Amber Bjork, who last worked with Theatre Unbound on Silkworms.


Clytemnestra: Delta Rae Giordano
Iphigenia: Nissa Nordland
Chrysothemis: Sierra Schermerhorn
Electra: Samantha Singh
Orestes: Henry Ellen Sansone
Chorus: Bethany McHugh
Chorus: Tessa Dahlgren
Chorus: Chloe Bell
Chorus: Brianna Belland
Chorus: Brighid Burkhalter

Creative Team

Director: Amber Bjork
Stage Manager: Meredith Gillies
Lighting Designer: Julia Carlis
Costume Designer: Alexandra Gould
Props/Scenic Designer: Keegan Mahin
Props/Scenic Designer: Kezia Germ
Production Manager: Mara St Pierre
Technical Director: Jenny Moeller