Julius Caesar

Directed by Carin Bratlie

By William Shakespeare

April 21 - May 5, 2012

In a free country, a popular political leader reaches for absolute power. Former friends must decide: loyalty or patriotism? Honor or ambition? Blood is shed in the name of the public good, the country plunges into civil war, and a noble person faces a tragic undoing.

Winner of Ivey Award for Inventive Reinterpretation

Saturday, April 28 pre-show discussion: “Why all-female Shakespeare?”
Featuring: Carolyn Levy (Hamline University), Darcey Engen (Augsburg College) and Sonja Kuftinec (University of Minnesota)

Sunday, April 29 post-show panel discussion: “Women and Political Power”
Featuring: Shakopee City Councilor Pamela Punt, Minnesota State Representative Erin Murphy, and Minnesota Senator Patricia Torres Ray


Kirby Bennett
Anissa Siobhan Brazill
Laura Delventhal
Abby DeSanto
Rachel Finch
Brigid Kelley
Katherine Kupiecki
Ariel Leaf
Carin Leonard-Gorrill
Julie Ann Nevill
Stacey Poirier
Victoria Pyan
Roneet Aliza Rahamim
Noë Tallen
Katie Willer

Creative Team

Emily Arachtingi
Ursula Bowden
Stephanie Brown
Julia Carlis
Meredith Gillies
Kit Gordon
Anita Kelling
Crystal Schneider
David Schneider