directed by Laura Wilhelm

by Lindsay Price

October 14-28, 2006

“… I don’t want to be just a shell. I want to be all the mistakes and the hurts and the wonderful things. Oh how I wish …”

Within a mind affected by Alzheimer’s Disease, past selves collide in a struggle to save fading memories – or obliterate them.


70: Michelle Myers
10: Katie Bradley
20: Jane Froiland
30: Jamie Jachimiec
40: Christina Frank
50: Shundreya Robinson
60: Terri Bly

Creative Team

Producer: Stacey Poirier
Stage Manager: Orit Ackerman
Assistant Stage Manager: Shannon Buchda
Costume Design: Alexandra Gould
Set Design: Laura Wilhelm
Lighting Design: Leigh Gice
Sound Design: Derek Sandbeck
Props: Noë Tallen
Graphic Design: Kirstin Hangsleben
Program Layout: Shannon Buchda
Logo Design: Jeny Fontaine