24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2013

January 12, 2013

24 hours – 6 new plays – featuring some of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass female theatre artists! Theatrical thrills, spills, triumphs and tragedies – you witness the results – one night only!

How It Works:

In November, we invited the general public to suggest ingredients to include in the Smackdown scripts. In December, we conducted voting on those suggestions. On Friday evening at 9:00 PM, we revealed the winning ingredients to six teams of playwrights, who had to include all of those ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 AM on Saturday morning, the newly written plays were assigned directors and actors. Rehearsals skidded to a halt just in time for the doors to open.

2013 Ingredients:

Line of Dialogue:

“Yes, due to liability issues.”

Submitted by Christopher Kidder

An Object:

An object whose name no one wants to say

Submitted by Brian Watson-Jones

An Emotion:

Sudden lust for an inanimate object

Submitted by Scott Pakudaitis


Exit, pursued by a bear (allow creative interpretation of the word “bear”)

Submitted by Stephanie Richards

Theatre Unbound Pick:

An award


There’s No Such Thing as a Free Wedding

Written by: Jenna “Kiss My Cast Iron” Bolland and Troy “Professor Kool-Aid” Iverson

Directed by: Crystal “Red” Schneider

Featuring: Kari “Wild Fire” Kelly, Kari “Cake Monster” Kjeldseth, Jenn “The Imp” Kudelka, Carin “The Crusher” Leonard-Gorill, Andie “Ando Calrissian” Olthoff and Andrea “The Amazon” Tonsfeldt

Ice Garden

Written by: Anne “Vegetarian Vegetable” Bertram and Becky “The Rizzanator” Rizzio

Directed by: “Hellcat” Maggie Scanlan

Featuring: Amy “T. Ville Horror” McGarness, “The Evil” Julie Ann Nevill, and Adam “Home don’t play dat” Western

Broken Resolutions

Written by: Katherine “the Ass-Kicker” Glover and Ruth “Pain Circus” Virkus

Directed by: Emilia “You Heard Me” Allen

Featuring: Shalee “Town U.S.A.” Coleman, Ty “The Manic Guy” Martin, Maddie “The Baddie” Scanlan and “She-Nay-Nay” Renee Werbowski

Moving On

Written by: Toni “The Helicoper” Halleen and Mike “Skyscraper” Hentges

Directed by: Carolyn Levy “Me Alone”

Featuring: Eli “The Screamin’ Eel” Coats, Kristin “The Conquerer” Foster, Anna “The Anaconda” Lakin and Batcha Mohammed Yabdri

Fourth Quarter Net

Written by: Eli “Death Merchant of Venice” Effinger-Weintraub and Heather “Ladyhands” Meyer

Directed by: “Mighty” Meg “The Wrath” Greivell

Featuring: Charla Marie “Chocolate Thunder” Bailey, Heather “H-Bomb” Burmeister, Catherine “I know 38 digits of pi” Hansen, Victoria “The Fondler” Pyan and “Mad Mack Mickaylee Shaughnessy


Written by: Ahna “ner-cher-mama” Logan and Cynthia “The In-Cyn-erator” Uhrich

Directed by: Anya “The Scene Slicer” Kremenetsky

Featuring: Shanan “I sometimes have wine for dinner” Custer, Erin “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One” Sheppard and Diana “Heck on Wheels” Wilde

Creative Team:

Hamline House Manager: Karina "The Mighty Falcon" Hunt

Theatre Unbound House Manager: Ali "The Smasher" Gould

Box Office Manager: Anne "Vegetarian Vegetable" Bertram

Stage Manager: Sarah "Steak Knives" Salisbury

Backstage Crew: Brittany "The Whip" Eastburn, Briana "Brawlana" Libby, Sadie Ward

Light Board: Jake "The Grubworm" Pomeroy

Sound Board: Alexander "Prone to Random Fits of Rage" Gerchak

Playwright Wrangler: Matthew "Deus Ex Machina Blues" Everett

Actor/Director Wrangler: Delta "Ba-da-Boom" Giordano

Photography: Scott "Feisty Peach" Pakudaitis

Videography: SPNN

Preview Trailer: TMJ Productions

Graphic Design: "Pixel Man" Greg Vanselow