24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2016

January 9, 2016

6 new plays created in just 24 hours with some of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass female theatre artists! Theatrical thrills, spills, triumphs and tragedies – you witness the results – one night only!


We invite the general public to vote among ingredients such as a line of dialog, an emotion, a prop, or a stage direction. On Friday evening at 9:00 pm, we reveal the winning ingredients to six teams of two playwrights, who must include all the ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 on Saturday morning, the newly written plays are assigned directors, a cast, and rehearsal time. Rehearsals are conducted throughout the day – technical rehearsals skid to a halt just in time for the doors to open. Performances start at 8:00 PM!


Smack Talk Vanselow and Chatty LaRue

Xtreme Cheer Squad:

“Thumpin” Theo Linder and Amy “The Liquor Valut” Ollila

Special Guest:

The Cosmic Vulva


Out Damn Spot

Written by: Paige “Collateral Damage” Collette and Catherine “Tiny Feet Big Kicks” Hansen

Directed by: Ali “The Annihilator” Sondreal

Featuring: “Grape Jelly” Grace Barnstead, Jill “JJ” James and Anna “Sarah Heartburn” Sutheim

Dial S for Spin Cycle

Written by: Caroline “Third Degree Byrne” Donnelly and Camille “Feminist Fatale” Smith

Directed by: Sofia “Spelled with an F” Lindgren Galloway

Featuring: Alyssa “Fun-Sized” Perau, Khadijah “Klutzy” Pierce, Mickaylee “The Humble Braggart” Shaughnessy and Phasoua “Sharknado” Vang

The Dark

Written: by Mike “Skyscraper” Hentges and Sarah “Rhymin” Simon

Directed by: Miriam “Mind ‘n Muscle” Monasch

Featuring: Leslie “The Wrecking” Ball, Anna “Lady LayLay” Lakin and “Maniacal” Tyler D. Martin


Written by: Maximilliano “Pedorrito-Sacpuntas” Collyard and Eli “Death Merchant of Venice” Effinger-Weintraub

Directed by: Alissa “The Timelord” Blaeser

Featuring: Ashawnti “Feelin’ the Love” Ford, “Madwoman” Meri Golden, Duane “Deke The Freak” Koivisto, Anika “Skywaler” Kulander and Kira “Miss Pontification” Pontiff

The Colony

Written by: Valerie “The Norn of Scorn” Borey and Elle “Freezes Over” Thoni

Directed by: Rebekah “Rebel Rebel” Rentzel

Featuring: “Danger K” Kristin Foster, Jenn “Adrenaline Junkie” Kudelka, Starla “The Star” Larson, Carolyn “Levy-Me-Alone,” Robby “The Rebel” Miller, Scot “Notorious One T” Moore and Erin “Gross Like a Unicorn” Sheppard

First Kill

Written by: Katherine “Ass Kicker” Glover and “Rowdy” Rhiana Yazzie

Directed by: Shalee “The Showman” Coleman

Featuring: Katie “Warrior Wanna-be” Adducci, Christy “Sleek Assassin” Johnson and Teresa “Mock Duck”

Creative Team:

Master Wrangler: Stacey "Party All the Time" Poirier

Wrangler in Training: Ali "Golden Girl" Gould

Box Office Boss Lady: Anne "Vegetarian Vegetable" Bertram

Box Office Lackey: Heahter "H-Bomb" Burmeister

Stage Commandant: Lyndsey "You're Late" Harter

Backstage Ninjas: Brittany "The Whip" Pooladian, Jeni "The Mad Hatter" Long

Playwright Wranger: Matthew "Deus Ex Machina Blues" Everett

Supreme Chancellors of Craft Services: Barbara "Bullseye" Davis, Barb "Va-Va-Voom" Van Vreede, "Jumpin" Julie Phillips

Volunteer Wrangler: Charla Marie "Chocolate Thunder" Bailey

Web Guru: Laura "Lemme at 'em" Wiebers

Photo Master: Scott "La Ardilla Maniaca" Pakudaitis

Video Monkey: Otto "Powerstroke"

Graphics Wizard: "Pixel Man" Greg Vanselow