St. Luke's

directed by Andrea May

by Anne Bertram

May 4-20, 2001

The story of a 1930s Chicago nursing school and the remarkable women who trained and taught there.


Miss Pratt: Peg Flaherty
Tom, Dr. James, Soldier, Bartender: Don Eitel
Edith: Jennifer Paige
Dad, Reverend Travis, Patient, Mr. Cooper: Jack Fitz
Aunt, Patient's Wife, Classmate, Miss Fulmer: Gillian Martin
Dot: Shannon Warne
Miss Bell: Ellen Karsten
Mrs. Cooper: Gail Tyne Fraser
Bai Mei-yu: Amy Chen
First Patient, Fever Patient, Classmate, Student: Laura Wiebers
Mrs. Drake, Surgery Patient, Classmate: Nicole Stefonek

Creative Team

Director: Andrea May
Stage Manager: Josephine Balenger
Scenic Design: Josephine Balenger, Andrea May, Amy Rydberg
Lighting: Dominick Veldman
Costumes: Amy Rydberg, Stacey Poirier, Anne Bertram, cast
Props: Amy Rydberg