The Good Fight

Directed by Carolyn Levy

Written by Anne Bertram

September 29 - October 14, 2012

The true story of Grace Roe, an early-twentieth-century English women’s suffrage activist, who organized a bodyguard of women trained in martial arts in order to protect the leaders of the militant suffrage movement.

Special thanks to our Production Partners:

East Lake Liquor Store

Smart Women

Minnesota Women's Press


Harriet Kerr: Ellen Apel

Cecily: Heather Burmeister

Hilda: Erin Denman

Emmeline Pankhurst: Delta Rae Giordano

Gertrude Harding: Kara Greshwalk

Home Secretary McKenna/Inspector McBrien/Men: Duane Koivisto

Grace Roe: Jennifer Kudelka

Emily Wilding Davison/Edith Garrud: Julie Phillips

Constable/Mr. Dickinson/Inspector Gray/Men: James Lekvin

Mr. Hunt/Bill/Large Man: David Schlosser

Mary, Christabel: Laurel Orman

Creative Team:

Director: Carolyn Levy

Stage Manager: Lyndsey Harter

Assistant Director: Crystal Schneider

Fight Choreographer: Mike Lubke

Costume Design: Lisa Conley

Light Design: Brittany Eastburn

Set Design: Sadie Ward

Sound Design: Anita Kelling

Prop Design: Sara Kessler


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