The Taming

Directed by Mel Day

Written by Lauren Gunderson

September 9-24, 2016

SteppingStone Theatre, St. Paul MN

“We represent the triumvirate of the grand and fearful dumbing of America, but we can also beat it.”

A disturbingly patriotic beauty pageant contender kidnaps an ultra-conservative Senator’s aide and an ultra-liberal blogger, imprisons them in a hotel room, and demands that they rewrite the Constitution. Then the Founding Fathers show up, and things get really trippy. A ferocious comedy about America’s deep political divides, present and past.


Kelsey Cramer

Julie Ann Greif

Nissa Nordland

Creative Team:

Stage Manager: Chandler Daily

Costume Designer: Cole Bylander

Set/Prop Designer: Alissa Gold

Lighting Designer: Jenny Moeller

Sound Designer: Dixie Treichel