24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown 2017

January 7, 2017

SteppingStone Theatre, St. Paul MN

Six new plays created in just 24 hours with some of the Twin Cities’ most bad-ass female theatre artists! “The resulting plays could crash and burn, turn out mind-blowingly awesome, or maybe a head-spinning combination of the two.” (City Pages)

We invite the general public to vote among ingredients such as a line of dialog, an emotion, a prop, or a stage direction. On Friday evening at 9:00 pm, we reveal the winning ingredients to six teams of two playwrights, who must include all the ingredients in their scripts. At 6:00 on Saturday morning, the newly written plays are assigned directors, a cast, and rehearsal time. Rehearsals are conducted throughout the day – technical rehearsals skid to a halt just in time for the doors to open. Performances start at 8:00 PM!


Smack Talk Vanselow and Chatty LaRue

Special Guests

The Minnesota RollerGirls: Baller, BoomBay Safire, Chocolate Pain, Ida Sockher, Knoxzer Blokhof, Lydia Punch, mAlice

The Best Thing

Written by Ray “Lighter Fluid” Macairan & Sarah “Rhymin'” Simon

Directed by Chava “The Mighty Munchkin” Curland

Featuring: Anika “Zoolander” Kulander, Nissa “Special When Lit” Nordland, Alyssa “fun sized firecracker” Perau, and Phasoua “Bring the Pain” Vang

Behind the Screams

Written by Catherine “Tiny Feet Big Kicks” Hansen & Brian “The Subtle Flamethrower” Watson-Jones

Directed by Ali “Alexandra the Great” Sondreal

Featuring: Lauren “The Weasel” Diesch, Anna “Annihalation” Lakin, Carin “Big Mama” Leonard-Gorrill, Rachel “The Pantsuit” Postle, Oogie “D. Wanderer” Pushetonequa, Stephanie “Snuffleupagus” Ruas, and Virginia “Vigorous” Vaske

They Hates the Patriarchy

Written by Maxwell “Swagger Bucks McDucketts” Collyard & Gina “Muscle Memory” Musto

Directed by Cassandra “Avalanche” Snow

Featuring: Kari “The NordBeast” Kelly, “Sunshiny” Starla Larson, and Anna “Matopoeia” Sutheim

So You Want to Run Away to Canada

Written by Valerie “The Vortex” Borey & Eva “Devil Tooth” Adderley

Directed by Shalee “The Showman” Coleman

Featuring: Alison “GatorBrains” Anderson, Craig “Duh Transformuh” Benson, Megan “MCL Slam” Campbell Lagas, and Lauren “The Weasel” Diesch

New Reality

Written by Taryn “Tearin’ It Up” Verley & Caroline “Third Degree Byrne” Donnelly

Directed by Amy “The Bald Soprano” Abrigo

Featuring: Shanan “LadyPants” Custer, Mame “Nasty Woman” Pelletier, and Kira “The Pontificator” Pontiff

What She Could Have Been

Written by Amber “Duchess of” Bjork & phillip “Fists of Irony” low

Directed by Elena “FeminNasty” Giannetti

Featuring: Carolyn Levy “Me Alone”, Miriam “Wiener Wild Woman” Monasch, Teri “TPB/Yeah, you know me” Parker-Brown, Boo “The Ghost Maker” Segersin, and Mickaylee *startled gasp* Shaughnessy