Due to COVID-19, we're still working on determining the best ways to advance our mission during this unprecedented season. We are so grateful to the artists we work with and to our audience for their continued support. Please subscribe to our newsletter below to stay in the loop!

In the meantime...

What We Know:

  • Telling the stories of women was important before the pandemic, and it's still important during and after the pandemic.

  • We will continue to provide paid opportunities for women theatre artists to learn, grow, create, and perform

  • Girl Shorts will be staged either in person or virtually during our 2020-2021 season

What We Don't Know:

  • Our board and company are working hard to understand the safest and most effective way to present theatre this year. 

  • While we make plans and evaluate our options, we don't have dates yet. We hope to have them soon!

  • Our artists are our top priority, and we'll work with them to understand how to best produce content using virtual or in-person tools.

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